Package mondrian.test.loader

Utilities to load test data.


Interface Summary
DBLoader.RowStream The RowStream interface allows one to load large sets of rows by streaming them in, one does not have to have all of the row data in memory.

Class Summary
CsvDBLoader Implementation of DBLoader which gets its Tables by reading CSV files using the CsvLoader class and is the loader use for CSV junit tests.
CsvDBTestCase Base class for tests that use a CSV database defined in a single file.
CsvLoader This is a basic Comma-separated-value (CSV, Csv) reader.
DBLoader This is an abstract base class for the creation and load of one or more database tables with data.
DBLoader.Type Represents a logical type, such as "BOOLEAN".

Specific databases will represent this their own particular physical type, for example "TINYINT(1)", "BOOLEAN" or "BIT"; see DBLoader.Type.toPhysical(mondrian.spi.Dialect).

MondrianFoodMartLoader Utility to load the FoodMart dataset into an arbitrary JDBC database.

Package mondrian.test.loader Description

Utilities to load test data.

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