Package mondrian.test

Suite of regression tests.


Interface Summary
ChooseRunnable Similar to Runnable, except classes which implement ChooseRunnable choose what to do based upon an integer parameter.

Class Summary
AbstractMondrianOlap4jTester Abstract implementation of the TestContext.Tester callback required by olap4j's Test Compatability Kit (TCK).
AccessControlTest AccessControlTest is a set of unit-tests for access-control.
BasicQueryTest BasicQueryTest is a test case which tests simple queries against the FoodMart database.
BasicQueryTest.MyJdbcStatisticsProvider Dummy statistics provider for BasicQueryTest.testStatistics().
BasicQueryTest.SleepUdf A simple user-defined function which adds one to its argument, but sleeps 1 ms before doing so.
CacheHitTest The CacheHitTest class contains test suites that return hit ratio of aggregation cache for various sequences of MDX queries.
CacheTest Cunning tests to discover whether the cache manager is working to spec and is thread-safe.
CaptionTest Unit test special "caption" settings.
CaptionTest.MyFoodmart created from foodmart.xml via perl script, some captions added.
CmdRunnerTest Unit test for CmdRunner.
CompatibilityTest Test for MDX syntax compatibility with Microsoft and SAS servers.
CompoundSlicerTest Tests the expressions used for calculated members.
ConcurrentMdxTest Runs specified set of MDX queries concurrently.
ConcurrentValidatingQueryRunner Utility class to run set of MDX queries in multiple threads and validate the results.
CVConcurrentMdxTest A copy of ConcurrentMdxTest with modifications to take as input ref.xml files.
DelegatingTestContext Extension of TestContext which delegates all behavior to a parent test context.
DialectTest Unit test which checks that Dialect accurately represents the capabilities of the underlying database.
DiffRepository A collection of resources used by tests.
DrillThroughTest Test generation of SQL to access the fact table data underlying an MDX result set.
DynamicSchemaProcessorTest Unit test DynamicSchemaProcessor.
DynamicSchemaProcessorTest.BaseDsp Our base, token replacing schema processor.
DynamicSchemaProcessorTest.CheckJdbcPropertyDsp Ensures we have access to the JDBC URL.
DynamicSchemaProcessorTest.FoodMartCatalogDsp Checks to make sure our Catalog property contains our FoodMart.xml VFS URL
DynamicSchemaProcessorTest.ProviderTestDSP DSP that checks that replaces the Schema Name with the name of the Provider property
FoodMartTestCase FoodMartTestCase is a unit test which runs against the FoodMart database.
I18nTest Test suite for internalization and localization.
IgnoreMeasureForNonJoiningDimensionInAggregationTest Test ignoring of measure when unrelated Dimension is in aggregation list when IgnoreMeasureForNonJoiningDimension property is set to true.
IgnoreUnrelatedDimensionsTest Test case to push unrelatedDimensions to top level when ignoreUnrelatedDimensions property is set to true on a base cube usage.
InlineTableTest Unit test for the InlineTable element, defining tables whose values are held in the Mondrian schema file, not in the database.
Main Main test suite for Mondrian.
Main.TerminatorTest Test that executes last.
MondrianOlap4jTester Implementation of TestContext.Tester for Mondrian's olap4j driver.
MondrianServerTest Test suite for server functionality in MondrianServer.
MonitorTest Unit test for monitoring, including Monitor.
MultipleHierarchyTest Tests multiple hierarchies within the same dimension.
NamedSetTest Unit-test for named sets, in all their various forms: WITH SET, sets defined against cubes, virtual cubes, and at the schema level.
NamedSetTest.MixedNamedSetSchemaProcessor Dynamic schema processor which adds a named set which has a syntax error.
NamedSetTest.NamedSetsInCubeAndSchemaProcessor Dynamic schema processor which adds two named sets to a the first cube in a schema.
NamedSetTest.NamedSetsInCubeProcessor Dynamic schema processor which adds two named sets to a the first cube in a schema.
Olap4jTckTest Test suite that runs the olap4j Test Compatiblity Kit (TCK) against mondrian's olap4j driver.
Olap4jTest Tests mondrian's olap4j API.
ParallelTest A ParameterTest is a test suite for functionality relating to parameters.
ParameterTest A ParameterTest is a test suite for functionality relating to parameters.
ParentChildHierarchyTest Tests for parent-child hierarchies.
PerformanceTest Various unit tests concerned with performance.
PerformanceTest.CounterUdf User-defined function that counts how many times it has been invoked.
PerformanceTest.Statistician Collects statistics for a test that is run multiple times.
PropertiesTest Tests intrinsic member and cell properties as specified in OLE DB for OLAP specification.
PropertySaver Sets properties and logging levels, and remembers the original values so they can be reverted at the end of the test.
QueryRunner Thread which runs an MDX query and checks it against an expected result.
RaggedHierarchyTest RaggedHierarchyTest tests ragged hierarchies.
ScenarioTest Test for writeback functionality.
SchemaTest Unit tests for various schema features.
SchemaTest.DummyPropertyFormatter Implementation of PropertyFormatter that throws.
SchemaVersionTest Unit test for automatic detection of schema version.
SimpleTestRunner Simple test runner.
SolveOrderScopeIsolationTest SolveOrderScopeIsolationTest Test conformance to SSAS2005 solve order scope isolation behavior.
SqlPattern Pattern for a SQL statement (or fragment thereof) expected to be produced during the course of running a test.
Ssas2005CompatibilityTest Unit tests that check compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005.
Ssas2005CompatibilityTest.NewBehaviorTest Subclass of Ssas2005CompatibilityTest that runs with MondrianProperties.SsasCompatibleNaming=true.
Ssas2005CompatibilityTest.OldBehaviorTest Subclass of Ssas2005CompatibilityTest that runs with MondrianProperties.SsasCompatibleNaming=false.
SteelWheelsPerformanceTest Those performance tests use the steel wheels schema and are not meant to be run as part of the CI test suite.
SteelWheelsTestCase Unit test against Pentaho's Steel Wheels sample database.
TestCalculatedMembers Tests the expressions used for calculated members.
TestCaseForker Runs a test case in several parallel threads, catching exceptions from each one, and succeeding only if they all succeed.
TestContext TestContext is a singleton class which contains the information necessary to run mondrian tests (otherwise we'd have to pass this information into the constructor of TestCases).
TestContext.HighCardDynamicSchemaProcessor Schema processor that flags dimensions as high-cardinality if they appear in the list of values in the MondrianProperties.TestHighCardinalityDimensionList property.
TestContext.SafeString Wrapper around a string that indicates that all line endings have been converted to platform-specific line endings.
TupleListTest Unit test for TupleList and common implementations.
UdfTest Unit-test for user-defined functions.
UdfTest.AnotherMemberErrorUdf A user-defined function which returns ignores its first parameter (a member) and returns the default member from the second parameter (a hierarchy).
UdfTest.BadPlusOneUdf A simple user-defined function which adds one to its argument.
UdfTest.FooBarCellFormatter Cell formatter for test purposes.
UdfTest.FooBarMemberFormatter Member formatter for test purposes.
UdfTest.FooBarPropertyFormatter Property formatter for test purposes.
UdfTest.MdcUdf A simple UDF that checks the object inside of the MDC logging context.
UdfTest.MemberNameFunction Function that takes a member and returns a name.
UdfTest.PlusOneUdf A simple user-defined function which adds one to its argument.
UdfTest.PlusOrMinusOneUdf A user-defined function which, depending on its given name, either adds one to, or subtracts one from, its argument.
UdfTest.ReverseFunction Function that reverses a list of members.
UdfTest.ReverseIterableFunction Function that takes a set of members as argument, and returns a set of members.
UdfTest.StringMultUdf The "TimesString" user-defined function.

Package mondrian.test Description

Suite of regression tests.

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